Securing public health with Hygieia gate

Contact-less High Speed Detection

iRGuard is a professional thermal detection gate to measure body temperature by making use of highly sensitive infrared sensor. It can measure temperature in less than 1 second, with an accuracy of +/- 0.5 oC. If a person with fever passes through the gate, an alarm will go off.

Safe for Everyone

iRGuard complied with EMC electromagnetic radiation standards, which is harmless to all of us especially pacemaker wearers, pregnant women and children. No operator is required in the temperature measurement process, highly reduce the opportunity of cross infection.

Ideal for Crowded Places

iRGuard is simple to install which is an effective infection control measure for hospitals, schools, commercial buildings, offices, ports, transportation terminals, exhibition and convention centers, sports and entertainment venues, etc. Number of people passing through the gate and fever cases detected are displayed on the panel in real time.

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