Safeguard your health with Hygieia gate

Instant Detection with Alarm

ThermoGuard is a door-shaped thermal detector to measure body temperature at a distance (contact-less) by making use of thermal infrared image of the people who passing through the gate. If a fever is detected, an alarm will be on and snapshot will be taken.

High Accuracy and Safe

Temperature detection speed is less than 2 seconds with an accuracy of +/- 0.5 ℃, allowing to scan about 30 people in a minute. It is completely safe as no radiation or energy is emitted during thermal detection. 

Suitable for All Premises

Simple plug-and-play installation without any help from technicians. It is suitable to deploy at the entrances of residential, commercial and academic buildings, hospitals, sports and entertainment venues, hotels, airports, ports of entry and custom, public transportation terminals, etc.

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